AGC gain and ADC bits in NUT4NT

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AGC gain and ADC bits in NUT4NT

Postby Micaela » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:40 am

Dear all,

I am using the Nut4nt - board with nt1065‎. I have a couple of questions about the AGC gain and the number of bits of the ADC.
About ADCs, I was wondering if it should be possible to allocate all the 8 bits (2 per channel) actually to one channel only, as using an 8-bits ADC, but I I have seen in the user manual that each channel has one 2-bits ADC, so I guess not. Can you confirm this?
About the AGC, I have found in the user manual that there are basically 2 AGCs: RF GC and IF AGC. The former is set in manual mode by default, while the latter in automatic mode. This is done during the configuration phase.
Do you think it should be possible to change the gain of RF/IF AGCs at run-time, while grabbing data?

Thanks in advance for your attention and support!

Best Regards

Micaela Troglia Gamba

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