Raw signal from nt1065

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Raw signal from nt1065

Postby amungo coder » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:03 am


We just received a question about possibility of having raw signal from nt1065 when our nut4nt board is used.

First of all, there is a nt1065 documentation: http://ntlab.com/IP/NT1065/NT1065_LE_DS_v2.02.pdf

nt1065 and our nut4nt board can give you only the raw signal, not the position or something like this.
You have raw signal from all 4 channels (2 bits per channel) on USB at your PC. We provide software to dump these signals. It available at https://github.com/amungo

Frequency which nt1065 supports are 1150-1300 and 1550-1620, other bands is not guaranteed by NTLab, but you can work on freqs near that bands.

You are welcome to ask questions here!
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Re: Raw signal from nt1065

Postby itsar » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:39 am


Some people from conventional SDR community ask
for posibility of using of the NT1065 for receiption
of all-other (non-navigation) signals.

The NT1065 seems to be first in the world four channel
rf-to-bits single chip solution, not only satellite navigation
but in general. SDR people wish to use it so. But there are
some notes about the NT1065 specifics.

The NT1065 is capable to out raw coherently received
signals from all four channels. But the NT1065's ADC has
only 2 bits resolution and consequently the gain is large.
It should also be considered that linearity is compromised
with power consumption. These particularities inherent to
all satellite navigation RFs.

According to datasheet the frequency range of NT1065 has
two subranges: 1150-1300 MHz and 1550-1620 MHz. Working
outside these ranges is not guaranteed by the NTLab. But
it is possible near in frequency.

It should be noted that the NT1065 has capability to out
raw analog IF signal, but it is not supported by NUT4NT.

The low-IF receiver structure with mirror compensation
should also be considered. Please read datasheet and ask
your questions here.


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